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Ever wondered what it's like to feel truly Super? For years, coffee was a mystery to me—until I took that first shot of espresso on an international trip. It was a game-changer. I discovered the power of feeling alive and energized, of being Super.

I'm Jeff Sinelli, the founder and Superpreneur behind SUPERNOVA. For over two decades, I thrived on my passions without caffeine. Then, the world of coffee opened up to me, transforming my life. It fueled my journey as an entrepreneur, husband, dad, and sports enthusiast—helping me excel at everything I love.

That's why I created SUPERNOVA—to ignite the Superpreneur in all of us. We all have 'preneurs within us, driven by what we love. Whether you're a Mompreneur, Teacherpreneur, or any other passion-driven 'preneur, SUPERNOVA is here to elevate your performance.


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