Do you want to feel Super?  

My first 44 years of life, I never understood why people drank coffee. I didn’t like it, I didn’t drink it, I didn’t get it. I was always powered by what I was passionate about. Being obsessed with something naturally gives you energy to pursue it. I love creating and building brands, and for more than two decades I worked the crazy hours of an entrepreneur without any help from caffeine.

It took a long international business trip and some serious jet lag for a friend to convince me to take a hit of coffee. I finally agreed to a shot of espresso. It changed my life. I immediately felt sparked alive. I felt Super for the first time.

I discovered that coffee gave me endless energy to perform better at all the things I love doing. It helped me achieve more as a serial entrepreneur, or as I now like to call it, a “SUPERpreneur.” It gave me more fuel for my roles as husband, dad, lacrosse player, tennis player and all the other things I live for. I was hooked.

I became obsessed with creating the best coffee in the world and I created SUPERNOVA to power the “’preneur” in all of us. I believe everyone has a ‘preneur inside of them, in fact, you likely have many. Your prefix is simply what you love doing. It isn’t just about business, it’s about life. You can be a Mompreneur, a Teacherpreneur, a Basketballpreneur, a Tennispreneur, a Lawyerpreneur, an Artistpreneur.  Each of us is a ‘preneur in our passions.

With Supernova, we can all perform better and achieve more at what drives us. It’s a game changer. Find your prefix. And Be Super.


Founder and Superpreneur